chevron_logoWright’s Well Control Services was contracted by Marine Platform Limited and Chevron Nigeria to provide a means of supplying a fluid delivery system for deepwater intervention.

Using Wrights’ proprietary coiled tubing system, an existing unit was modified to meet the requirements of the contract. The system was tested to verify pressure and line pull rating.

Once completed, the unit was sent to the coil tubing supplier to spool up the required tubing. After installation, the unit was again pressure tested with the coil in place; and flow tested to verify flow delivery rate.

Passing all requirements, the system was packaged and delivered for transport to Nigeria with a spare parts package.

The Package Consists of:

– Single drum unit with two individual coil lines seperated by partitioning the drum

– Deck frame for sea fastening

– Two sheave assemblies & deck frame

– Hydraulic control panel & HPU

Upon arrival in Nigeria, Wright’s mobilized a crew to operate the system with David Wright acting as point man with other contractor supplied equipment. Once completed, all equipment was mobilized onto the vessel provided. The system was used in the AGBAMI field on two subsea wells.

Wright’s will maintain and operate equipment for future Marine Platform Limited / Chevron projects.


Information from Subsea World News was used in this report.