WeLight connects over 1,000 households in Madagascar

WeLight exceeds 1,000 homes connected in its 18 active villages in Madagascar. The objective: to give access to reliable and affordable energy access to 50,000 people in rural areas within two years.


Thanks to suitable energy solutions, WeLight today passes the threshold of 1000 connected homes. By basing its projects on innovation and the inclusion of the most remote populations, more than 5,000 people now benefit from access to reliable, renewable and affordable electricity, the socio-economic impact of which is already being felt. WeLight thus finalizes the deployment of 4 additional villages as part of its effective collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Hydrocarbons (MEH), the Rural Electrification Development Agency (ADER) and the Office of Electricity Regulation (ORE). The ambition is now to equip around twenty isolated villages in Uganda and Mali in 2020.

WeLight supports populations in isolated villages towards entrepreneurship, supports the emancipation of women through the exercise of value-creating professions and helps local farmers, entrepreneurs and micro-industrialists to develop by providing them with technical advice as well as assistance in accessing Fihariana and KRED micro-finance.

By systematically connecting community services such as primary schools, CEG, Basic Health Centers, and town halls, or by ensuring public lighting, WeLight supports the economy and rural development in Madagascar and soon on the African continent . Following a study carried out in the heart of the various connected villages, we observe an average of 9 hours of additional electricity per day, an improvement in living standards and monthly income, as well as a greater sense of security perceived by all the villagers. .

“Facilitating access to energy for people in hard-to-reach areas is one thing, giving them access to an affordable, reliable, sustainable and environmentally friendly source of energy is another. WeLight takes up the challenge to participate as effectively as possible in the sustainable development of these isolated regions. “Believes Véronique Perdigon, General Manager WeLight.


WeLight was born from the joint will of Axian and Sagemcom E&T to offer reliable, accessible and renewable energy to the populations of the landlocked rural areas of Madagascar and sub-Saharan Africa, thanks to the deployment of new innovative technologies and the establishment of means of payment accessible to all.


WeLight is an Axian group company. Born in Madagascar 150 years ago, Axian is a diversified group present in 5 business sectors with high growth potential: real estate, telecoms, financial services, energy and innovation. With more than 4,900 employees in the Indian Ocean and Africa, we are a partner in the economic transformation of emerging countries. We systematically ensure the lasting and positive impact of our activities on the daily lives of the greatest number. Convinced that energy is a necessity, Axian supports WeLight in its innovations to provide access to reliable, affordable and sustainable solutions.


WeLight is a Sagemcom group company.
Sagemcom is a French company, European leader in the market for high value-added communicating terminals (decoders, Internet boxes, electric meters …). In 2017, Sagemcom had 4,000 employees in more than 50 countries. Sagemcom is a partner of Axian group companies in numerous large-scale projects. Sagemcom works in particular with TowerCo of Madagascar in strengthening the territorial network in terms of telecoms infrastructures.


Norfund – the Norwegian investment fund for developing countries – is the Norwegian government’s main instrument for strengthening the private sector in developing countries. Its mission is to create jobs and improve the daily lives of populations by investing in companies conducive to sustainable development. Norfund does this by providing equity, other risk capital and loans to companies in certain countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia and Central America. With a portfolio of $ 2.6 billion, Norfund invests in four main sectors: clean energy, financial institutions, green infrastructure and scalable businesses.


Source: Agence Ecofin



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