WeLight exceeds 2,000 homes connected in its 22 active villages in Madagascar. The objective: to give access to reliable and affordable energy to 50,000 people in rural areas within two years across Madagascar and the African continent.

By developing innovative and inclusive solutions, WeLight enables 2,000 Malagasy households to have access to clean and affordable energy. The number one player in rural electrification on the Big Island had already crossed the threshold of 1,000 homes connected last March and is today taking a new step. Thanks to energy solutions adapted to the most remote populations, more than 10,000 people today benefit from access to reliable and renewable electricity, the socio-economic impact of which is already being felt.

WeLight is now present in 22 villages in Madagascar following projects in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Hydrocarbons (MEH), the Rural Electrification Development Agency (ADER) and the Regulatory Office of Electricity (ORE). Resolutely turned towards the African continent, WeLight aims to equip around 2022 villages in sub-Saharan Africa by 2022.


WeLight is betting that its international expertise, its ability to deploy innovative technologies and serve the most economically fragile people will allow it to generate a significant economic and social impact. By supporting isolated populations towards entrepreneurship, by supporting the emancipation of women through the exercise of value-creating professions, or by helping local farmers, entrepreneurs and micro-industrialists to develop, WeLight enables sustainable development of the rural economy.

The energy operator also improves public services by systematically connecting community services such as primary schools, general education colleges, basic health centers and town halls. A study of the populations served has demonstrated the positive impact of the projects. The villages benefit from an average of 9 hours of additional electricity per day. Likewise, it has been proven that young people benefit on average from an additional 1.4 hours to study per day. With improved public lighting, 72% of women report a greater sense of security.

“Before electricity, I drove four hours, once a week, to get diesel and the bush taxi cost me 8,000 ariary. This is no longer the case today and above all, I was able to develop my activities and multiply my income by four, ” says Emma Claudine RAHOLIARIMALALA, farmer in Fialofa.


WeLight was born out of the desire of three players to unite their complementarities to accelerate energy inclusion in Africa: Axian, a diversified African group specialized in telecoms which benefits from a very strong anchoring on the continent, Sagemcom, a French company, European leader in the market for communicating terminals and in the establishment of mini-networks in Africa, and Norfund, the Norwegian development bank. WeLight provides reliable, accessible and clean energy to the populations of the landlocked rural areas of Madagascar and sub-Saharan Africa, thanks to the deployment of new innovative technologies and the establishment of means of payment accessible to all.


Source: Agence Ecofin