An American business, Labacorp Power Company America has expressed interest in developing a 900 megawatt solar project in Zimbabwe.

The US-based corporate has applied to Government, through their local partners Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd, to make presentations on the envisaged implementation of the gigantic and game-changing project.

In a statement at the weekend, Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd founder chief executive Mr Kudakwashe Taruberekera said the business executives would make the presentation in July this year.

The 900MW project is expected to feed electricity onto the national grid when complete.

“Our partners wrote to us on April 12 this year requesting to make a presentation to the Government of Zimbabwe on how they intend to implement the mega solar project in Zimbabwe in partnership with Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd Zimbabwe,” said Mr Taruberekera.

Mr Taruberekera said the investors will be bringing a full complement of professionals, including engineers, who will be working with technicians in the implementation and subsequent running of the solar plant.

Source: The Herald