In Uganda, the authorities are preparing to open up the electricity transmission sector to private investors. This liberalization will allow the inflow of capital into this sector, which has been left behind, after the accelerated development of the country’s electricity production and distribution thanks to private investment. The government indeed proceeded to the partial privatization of these two segments in the early 2000s.

According to the National Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA), at least $ 2.5 billion will need to be invested in transmission infrastructure over the next seven years. Investments necessary for the flow of production from power plants that will soon enter into service in the country.

“The government is currently exploring the possibility of opening up electric transmission to private investment. We have several power plants under development and we need to make sure there is enough electricity infrastructure to get this energy to the consumer, ” said ERA spokesman Julius Wandera.

Ugandan electrical power is expected to grow by 55% and reach 1,825 MW during this year with the entry into service of the new plants. The country already has a production surplus of 450 MW due to the poor development of its electricity network and the high cost of electricity.


Source: Agence Ecofin