Uganda’s electricity export revenue increased by 13% in 2019

Uganda’s electricity export revenue has increased by 13% over the past year. Between January 2019 and January 2020, the country exported 320.3 MW of energy to its neighbors, which brought in $ 46 million. Over the same period, a year earlier, it exported 228.8 MW of electricity for a revenue of $ 40 million.

The countries to which Uganda exports its electricity are Kenya, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. According to Pamela Nalwanga Byoruganda, the public relations officer of Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited, this growth was driven by that of the amount of energy available.

The country currently has a capacity of 1,252.4 MW for a peak demand of 650 MW, or about half of its production. By the end of the current year, this production capacity will increase to 1,681 MW with the entry into service of new power plants.


Source: Agence Ecofin



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