In Madagascar, construction work on the Tsaratanana agro-photovoltaic power plant is 20% complete. The project executed by Sun Farming aims to produce 5 MW of solar energy in 2020. This capacity is expected to increase to 25 MW in 2021.

For the past three months, the site has produced 1 MW of electricity which is routed to the electricity grid. Its objective is indeed to improve the electricity supply of several districts of the region of Vakinankaratra, including Faratsiho and Antanifotsy.

The project funded by the German Federal Bank as part of the general policy of prioritizing access to drinking water and electricity will also reduce the cost of electricity production in Jirama.

The project also includes an agricultural component that will allow the establishment of a training center in agriculture and animal husbandry and hydroponics infrastructure. Hydroponics is the culture carried out on a neutral and inert substrate regularly irrigated by a current of solution which supplies the plants with mineral salts and nutrients.


Source: Agence Ecofin