As part of its expansion drive, Total Nigeria Plc has inaugurated its 30th solar service station, three years after it opened its first service station in Lagos.

The new service station on Court House Road, Zaria, boasts 11.7 Kilowatt peak, kWp with 36 Sunpower E327 Panels and PV-diesel hybrid architecture.

Since the company inaugurated the Onigbagbo solar service station in 2013, the first ever to be installed in Nigeria, it has been able to save 340,000 liters of diesel, and has offset approximately 900 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Solar installations designed and managed by Total Nigeria Plc, the Nigerian downstream affiliate of the Total group, have now reached a combined capacity of 1 megawatt installed (MW) capacity and has produced more than 1 gigawatt hour (GWh) of clean electricity.

Source: THIS DAY