Togo contracts Hermès to deploy the communication plan of the national electric company

On a list of 5 international consultants, the Togolese subsidiary of the French company Hermès Communication has just won a market of FCFA 57.5 million, indicates a contract award notice from Compagnie Energie Electrique du Togo ( CEET).

The contract will consist for the communications consultant to support CEET, the contracting authority, in the development and implementation of a national communications plan for reforms in the electricity sector in Togo.

The cost of this contract to be completed in 24 months will be borne by the Togo Energy Sector Reform and Investment Project (PRISET).

As a general objective, the project wants to contribute to meeting the challenges of the reform of the energy sector in Togo. As part of its specific objectives, it will consist, among other things, of examining and updating the legal and regulatory framework in the sector, strengthening and improving the management of public services, rehabilitating and expanding the distribution network in order to reduce technical losses .


Source: Agence Ecofin



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