Nigerian Gas Association President, Dada Thomas has called for the promotion of regional gas development. He disclosed this at the association’s 11th International Conference and Exhibiton in Abuja.

He said: “I believe that gas should be viewed from regional and not just national perspective. It is indisputable that countries in the West African region are intimately linked to each other in many different ways.”

“Thus, there is need to initiate the dialogue at the national and business levels of how to develop a West African Regional Gas Master Plan that would serve as the roadmap for each member country to develop or modify and roll out its own Gas Master Plan.”

He said that the West African Gas Pipeline was a good example and platform upon which to scale up such plans and commended the Federal Government’s plan to build the Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline. The NGA president called for support of such encouraging initiatives for the development of a West African Regional Gas system, infrastructure and market.

Source: Independent