TCN says national grid has new power transmitted peak of 5,375MW

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) says the National Grid (NG) successfully transmitted a new generation peak of 5,375 Mega Watts (MW) at 9.00 p.m on Thursday, February 7.

Ndidi Mbah, the General Manager (Public Affairs) in TCN, said in a statement in Lagos on Monday that this was the first time that the nation’s power grid had generated, and transmitted this quantum of power.

According to her, this is clearly an evidence of the success of this administration’s policy in incremental power.

Mrs Mbah said that the last peak generation of 5,224 MW, which was also successfully transmitted by TCN, was attained on December 18, 2017.

“This has now been surpassed by the new peak of 5,375 MW.

”The current capacity of Generation Companies (GENCOs) nationwide is 7,450 MW which is expected to significantly increase with the expected recovery of all the generators at Egbin by the management of Sahara Energy.

“The capacity of transmission based on the simulation of December 2018 is 8,100MW.

“Since the last simulation, several transformers have been added to the transmission,” she said.

Mrs Mbah said that the new combined peak of Distribution Companies (DISCOs) had also increased their capacity.

“However, more work needs to be done on the distribution capacities for the sector to fully stabilise.

“On our part, TCN has continued to upgrade critical transmission infrastructure nationwide with the commissioning of over 40 power transformers and lines in the last two years.

“Building of seven brand new substations, diligently pursuing its Transmission Rehabilitation and Expansion Programme which is encapsulated in its 20-year Transmission Expansion Plan.

“As at date, TCN’s wheeling capacity had increased from 5,000 in 2016 to 7,124 MW in 2017 and 8100 MW in 2018.”

She said that unlike in the past, TCN was not only focusing on grid expansion, but also on the quality of the power.

“In that respect, to achieve frequency control of between 49.50Hz and 50.50Hz between May 2017 and Nov. 2018 which had not been achieved in the history of Nigeria for the past 20 years.

“From Dec. to date, TCN equally achieved the best frequency control of between 49.75Hz to 50.25Hz for 85 per cent of the time, which is the best ever witnessed in the history of the Nigerian power sector,” she said.

Source: Premium Times



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