Minister of State in the Vice President’s Office, Mr George Simbachawene has urged the Tanzanians to quickly switch to modern renewable energy that conserves the environment and improve their livelihoods.

Making the appeal in Dar es Salaam recently during Renewable Energy Technologies’ exhibitions, organized by Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA), he said: “I have seen the way innovators keep on coming up with new ideas, whose main purposes among others would fight environmental degradation, but in a way they would improve people’s welfare in various ways.”

In the show attended by various local and foreign stakeholders, he visited several pavilions and witnessed various types of modern renewable energy technologies, and said that generally people were stagnated and reluctant to switch to new cooking methods of using stoves, whose firewood consumption is minimal.

The Minister pointed out that switching to new technologies has various benefits to households, which include financial management and budget less in terms of firewood or charcoal purchase.

“For those who spend a lot of time in bushes looking for sources of energy (firewood and charcoal), they would have time to engage in other productive activities,” he added.

In a related development, Mr Simbachawene urged the stakeholders to have several public campaigns that would influence the people to quickly adopt new technologies, saying: “This would also address climate change impacts, because there will be no random trees’ cutting, which are detrimental to the environment.”

In response, TAREA Executive Secretary, Mr Mathew Matimwbi said that already his organization had started such a campaign, though conducting it on annual basis.

However, he admitted that there was a need for such intensive public campaigns to reach a wider audience of the population to stop relying on the old methods of cooking, which are not friendly to the environment.

“It means that people should be regularly informed on changes and taught best ways to apply, because they are cheap and important,” he said.

Expounding, Mr Matimwbi urged the public to be consulting TAREA to acquire new knowledge and learn other modern technologies, currently available in the market.

“TAREA is tasked to educate the public among other things, on how to avoid purchasing fake renewable equipment, especially for the energy infrastructures in their homes and offices.

“However, we are thankful that the relevant government authorities play their roles in the fight against importation of fake renewable energy equipment, though some few dishonest ones still exist in the business,” said the Executive Secretary.

Source: Daily News