THE Minister for Energy, Dr Medard Kalemani has issued a 14-day ultimatum to a contractor to finalize connecting electricity to Engusero village in Kiteto District.

He cautioned the Tanzania Electric Company (TANESCO) and the Rural Energy Agency (REA), that by that time he wants to see every house connected with power as the government has resolved to have everybody connected with electricity in the country.

The minister who was speaking here with leaders of the institutions, village and ward said every single village in the country will be connected with power.

He unveiled that President John Magufuli has released sufficient funds to realize the electrification projects and called for honesty expenditure.

He said that electricity was an important service to facilitate development in different sectors such as education, health, water, agriculture and the main one that he said was construction and operation of industries in the country.

Kiteto District Commissioner (DC), Engineer Tumaini Magesa told the minister he will make sure all his directives are adhered to within the set deadline so that citizens could get quality services.

He commended the minister and the government for the pace is taking to serve the citizens in the power sector.

Dr Kalemani toured Bwagamoyo Dispensary that is also set aside to take care of people affected by the Coronavirus.

He directed TANESCO to give priority to the centre in getting power so that services are efficient.

He said in his tour during the Coronavirus pandemic, he will not be having huge gatherings so as to protect the people and ensure no possible transmission of the deadly virus.

He said he will be meeting with TANESCO and REA managers in respective areas as well as hamlet and village leaders.

Engusero villager, Mr Hamisi Issa, said if they get connected to power, it will be easier to participate in development projects such as manufacturing and that social services will be better delivered.

Until last week, 26 villages in Kiteto District had been connected with power in the Third Phase of the REA Project. There are four villages still not connected.

Dr Kalemani said that by June all villages will have been connected.


Source: Daily News