Tanzanian isles record success in rural electrification

Electricity has reached almost every village, after a successful project, implemented last year to connect more villages and small islands to the national grid.

Zanzibar Electricity Corporation authorities say the success to have more villages connected to electricity was driven by commitment to respond to the growing demand for power by people and the implementation of Chama Cha Mapinduzi 2015/2020 manifesto.

Only two out of ten small inhabited islands are still without electricity, which Mr. Hassan Ali Mbarouk, General Manager of ZECO says will soon all be connected to electricity. The islets already connected to electricity include Uzi, Tumbatu, Kisiwa-Panza, Makoongwe, Uvinje, Mwambe, and Kojani, speeding up development programs in respective villages.

ZECO services improved in 2018 than ever, the General Manager says, for example in the past application and electricity connection took three months or more, but now the exercise only takes two weeks. ZECO says 83 percent of the villages now have the electricity or connected to the national grid.

Source: Daily News



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