In Tanzania, private and public entities debtors of Tanesco have two weeks to pay their bills or else they will be disconnected. According to Medard Kalemani who announced the measure, the public entities which are the main ones concerned owe $ 129.3 million to Tanesco.

In Tanzania, the government has given private entities and public institutions two weeks to settle their debts with Tanesco, the national electricity company. The ultimatum was launched by Medard Kalemani, the Minister of Energy, who warns that debtors who have not paid their debts within this period will be deprived of electricity.

While private institutions owe the distribution company 60 million Tanzanian shillings ($ 25,800), public institutions owe it 300 billion shillings ($ 129.3 million).

“Financial resources are very important for a sustainable operation of Tanesco. You must therefore ensure that you pay your bills on time. There will be no exceptions for anyone and no request for a moratorium or explanation will be accepted. Just go pay your bills or you risk being disconnected, ” said the minister.


Source: Agence Ecofin