Trial International, a Swiss NGO fighting against impunity, filed a criminal complaint against its compatriot, the trader Kolmar Group before the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland, for having bought contraband diesel from Libya . Consequently, she accuses him of complicity in looting and of participating in the deterioration of the geopolitical situation of the country of North Africa.

It is now up to the Swiss prosecution authorities to shed light on the dealer’s actions in the country, says the organization.

You should know that the investigation carried out by Trial in collaboration with the NGO Public Eye has traced the transnational network of smuggling of subsidized diesel from Libya. As explained in the investigation report, fuel was diverted from Libyan tanks with the complicity of an armed group, transhipped by Libyan fishing boats on larger vessels chartered by two Maltese businessmen in international waters , and finally transported to Malta.

The Libya Business News site specifies that this is where the name of Kolmar Group AG appears. Swiss trader bought more than 50,000 tonnes of diesel stored in tanks in the Maltese capital between 2014 and 2015, according to the investigation, which he did not deny when he asked for a right of reply to the report , a few days ago.

“There were a significant number of indicators, all in red, which should have deterred Kolmar from carrying out these transactions. We believe that the evidence gathered warrants an investigation by the Attorney General’s office to determine whether Kolmar willfully ignored these signals. If so, the company may have been complicit in war crimes , ” said Philip Grant, executive director of Trial.

Since 2011, fighting between rival factions has led to the development of crime linked to the diversion and illicit trade in petroleum products in the country. Several countries such as Italy and the United Arab Emirates are accused of cooperating with the networks involved in this phenomenon.


Source: Agence Ecofin