The ElectricityUndersecretary at the Ministry of Energy and Mining, Dr.Hamid Suleiman Hamid said the flow of the petroleum bi-prodcts is a collective responsibility including the Ministries of Energy and Finance, the states’s oil and security departments and other related circles.

Dr.Hamid said in a press conference held, Monday, in SUNA Forum underlined that all these cuircles should play their roles to guarantee the flow of the fuel and fight the petroleum bi-products trade.

He revealed that the ministry will carry out reform procedures to encourage the companies operating in the field of distribution of the pertoluem products to merger, adding that the total number of the service stations operating in the country reached 1985, 295 out of them in Khartou State.

The UndersecretaryReferred to the great distortion caused by the defunct regime in the oil sector represented in granting a license to a large number of companies to work in the trade and distribution of petroleum products, indicating that there are 34 companies operating in this field and have been established from the money of the Sudanese people.

“The large number of companies in this field creates difficulties In the process of tightening control over the distribution of petroleum products” He concluded.


Source: SNA