Sudan is facing a wave of load shedding due to the lack of maintenance of its power plants, induced by the mobility restrictions currently in force. While urging citizens to be patient, the Ministry of Energy announced the upcoming construction of 1,100 MW of power plants.

In Sudan, the Ministry of Energy will undertake a series of actions to deal with the difficulties experienced in the field of electricity production. It aims to implement several projects to build power plants with a combined capacity of 1,100 MW.

The undersecretary for electricity of the Ministry of Energy, Khairy Abdul Rahman who announced the news, said that the infrastructure would be located in the localities of Port Sudan and Gurri.

The country is currently facing an energy deficit which gives rise to load shedding, which can extend over five or even seven hours a day. According to the Ministry of Energy, this is linked to the energy deficit caused by the lack of maintenance in the country’s main plants, located in Garri and UM-Dabaker. The German and Indian technicians who had to carry out maintenance operations were unable to go to the field because of the mobility restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Ministry of Energy, this situation makes load shedding inevitable, until the necessary work is done. “We are going through a terrible week and we will have to be patient. We will work to keep the lights on during the pandemic and strive to reduce load shedding as much as possible, ” said the ministry.


Source: Agence Ecofin