In Kenya, the National Nuclear Energy Agency has submitted to the public an impact study for the construction of a $ 5 billion nuclear power plant. After the public, the environmental regulator will examine the project which will allow the national electric power to be multiplied by 10.

The Kenya Nuclear Agency has just submitted an impact study for the implementation of a nuclear power plant construction program worth $ 5 billion. The infrastructure to be built is scheduled to come into service by 2027. The government plans to quadruple its capacity by 2035 according to the National Nuclear Energy Agency.

All of this information is contained in a report published by the agency for public comment before submitting it to the national environmental authority for approval. The project may continue after obtaining a favorable opinion from the latter. In the meantime, the national nuclear energy agency is evaluating the different technologies available in nuclear reactors in order to retain the one that is most suitable for the country.

The implementation of this nuclear energy project falls within the framework of the Big Four Agenda implemented by the government and based on four pillars, including energy. In this area, the country aims to increase its electrical power from the current 2,712 MW to 22,000 MW by 2031 in order to fuel its industrial expansion. The other three components of the program are agriculture, health and housing.


Source: Agence Ecofin