State governments in Nigeria should get involved and push through investments in Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) to electrify semi-urban and rural communities within their territories, experts at the Nigerian Office of the Power for All have suggested.

The experts – Ifoma Malo, who is the country head of the DRE advocacy agency, and Mark Amaza, lead, strategic communications and research at the agency, stated that with the responsibility of providing electricity to Nigerians shared between the federal and state authorities, there was no longer any hindrance on the states setting up good condition for investments on DRE solutions either commercially or otherwise to flow into their territories. According to the pair, Nigeria’s DRE market currently suffers from the challenge of insufficient consumer awareness. They noted that this has slowed down its market growth.

To turn things around in this regards, the experts stated: “There is a need to change that narrative by highlighting the successes of DRE solutions in Nigeria – this could be mini-grids, in remote, off-grid communities that are now enjoying 24/7 power; homes and businesses that use solar home systems (SHS) to power their needs; or rural and peri-urban homes that have replaced inefficient lighting sources such as kerosene lamps and candles with pico-solar and clean lighting solutions.”

Source: OGN