In 2019, members of the Southern African Development Community inaugurated power plants with a combined capacity of 3,555 MW. South Africa has concentrated most of this capacity with the inauguration of two thermal power plants with a total capacity of 2,920 MW.

The power companies of the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) commissioned 3,555 MW of power plants during the year 2019 to strengthen their power park. This announcement was made by Stergomena Lawrence Tax, Secretary General of Sadc, who clarified that this capacity represents around 90% of the target set by countries wishing to increase their power by 4,000 MW in 2019.

“This is commendable, given that electricity is one of the important factors in industrialization, productivity growth and economic development,” said Doctor Tax during a Council of Ministers of the region. held online.

South Africa has concentrated more than 82% of the new capacities commissioned with the thermal power stations of Medupi (1,480 MW) and Kusile (1,440 MW). Angola increased its capacity by 394 MW with the commissioning of the Lauca, Saurimo, Bie and Luena plants. An additional 153 MW were inaugurated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 44 ​​MW in Malawi, 40 MW in Mozambique and 4 MW in Zimbabwe.

Thermal energy was the most widely used technology with 83% of capacity. The Sadc countries aim to add 16,515 MW of new electricity capacities over the next three years in order to strengthen their energy infrastructures and make possible the implementation of their industrialization agendas.


Source: Agence Ecofin