Contracts totaling 67 billion dinars (around $518 million) were signed Tuesday in Algiers by Sonatrach, with its subsidiaries as well as other Algerian companies within the framework of the development of gas and oil fields in the west of the country.

During a signing ceremony chaired by the CEO Tawfik Hakkar, Sonatrach awarded ENGCB, SARPI, ENGTP, ENAC, KANAGHAZ and COSIDER Pipelines, the construction of collection networks and shipping lines for the gas field development project in the southwest of the country, which total a length of more than 700 km.

“Given the importance of this project, we divided it into several projects to save time. The other objective is to ensure a load plan for the benefit of SONATRACH subsidiaries and Algerian companies, especially after the context created by the health crisis,” indicated Hakkar during a press briefing on the sidelines of this event. ceremony.

He indicated that once accepted, this project will ensure an estimated gas production contribution of 11 million m3 / day by 2022. In the same context, Sonatrach has signed with the SARPI / SAFIR Group. a contract relating to the development of the western oil fields of TOUAT – Phase 2.

“This project will supply the Adrar refinery with 6,000 bpd of crude oil by 2022,” explained Hakkar.

Another contract was signed with COSIDER Canalisations relating to the compliance of the detection / extinguishing systems and the fire prevention networks of the RTO “Zone d’Arzew” transport facilities.

In addition, a contract was signed between the Sonatrach Group and the ENAC company, concerning the supply, installation and commissioning of new cathodic protection systems for the pipeline layer (Hassi R’Mel – Arzew) in the transport region. west “RTO”.

According to Hakkar, these projects could generate nearly 3,000 jobs and support national gas production capacities.


Source: Petroleum Africa