Sonatrach general management announced on Monday that the total resumption of work activities of its employees will be undertaken gradually in accordance with the guidelines previously set out by public authorities and in line with the measures taken internally in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

“In response to information recently published on social networks on a probable general takeover of Company staff on May 31, 2020, Sonatrach General Management recalls that the takeover of employees will be done gradually while complying with the directions taken by the public authorities and to the provisions of the internal note relating to the gradual resumption of activity,” the company stated in an information note published on its Facebook page.

The notification added that management responsible for activities and structures are responsible for informing their employees of this gradual recovery according to a schedule established by their administrative plan.

According to this note, employees will also be informed individually in accordance with the schedule of each structure on the resumption of activity.

In this context, the General Management of Sonatrach invited its employees to “disregard information published on social networks and unknown and non-credible sites” and to “refer to the official Facebook page and the notes posted on internal company messaging.”


Source: Petroleum Africa