The oil society Sonatrach Algerian has undersigned with the Chinese Lowers Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) a contract EPC of the value of 52 billion dinari (383 million euros) for the planning and the construction of harbour infrastructures in the new harbour area called El-Djedid of the port of Skikda.

The store clerk regards the construction of a destined pier to the traffic of natural gas which liquified and hydrocarbons, with a system that the loading of great ships to metaniere of the ability until 220 thousand cubic metres and of oil tankers from 50 thousand to 250 thousand will allow gross capacities in tons, the conversion to the gas of liquified oil of current station GNL and the realization of other infrastructures between which a dock for the mooring of a ship. According to the forecasts, the work will last 28 months.

The new infrastructures will be mainly to service of the refinery and the terminal of liquefaction of Skikda with the perspective to open ulterior opportunities of market for the Algerian which liquified natural gas.

Source: Informare