Speaking at a recent public function at the University of Lagos, Nigeria’s Minister for Power, Works and Housing Mr. Babatunde Fashola said solar presented to Nigeria the real window of opportunity to increase her power production, OGN reports.

He said; “Solar power presents the real window of opportunity to quickly increase power and also give people access. We have shown that we can deliver solar by completing the 1.2MW solar project in the lower Usman Dam area. We have signed power purchase agreements with 14 developers who potentially can deliver 1,125 MW of solar.”

“We are partnering with Jigawa state to deliver about 1,000MW of solar power at a site of 2,000 hectares already delivered to us by the state government. The project is at design and preparation stage. We have completed the energy audit to deliver independent power to 37 universities and 7 teaching hospitals and one of them is the University of Lagos. 27 of those plants will be solar plants,” he added.

“These are only one side of what government is doing to deliver incremental power through solar. The other side is what citizens have started on their own with solar. My final word on these sources of power generation is that they speak to the idea of an energy mix; and we have delivered one for Nigeria which targets 30% renewable of our total energy production by 2030,” he explained.