The subcontracting and Partnership Exchange of Cameroon, BSTP in collaboration with the Standards and quality Agency, ANOR, on Wednesday June 24, at the Hotel Vallée des Princes in Douala, organised a seminar on the norms immediately application in the oil and gas sectors in Cameroon. Speaking during the opening ceremony, the Director of BSTP, Evariste Yameni, said there are several opportunities in the oil and gas sector, open to small and medium-size enterprises in Cameroon which were before now exclusively reserved for multi-national companies. These opportunities have been made more available by ANOR which has defined norms for immediate implementation. The sensitisation seminar, he said, is therefore to prepare SMEs to subcontract with the National Hydrocarbons Company, SNH through the mastery of the norms governing these sectors and thereby enable their integration into the value chain of the big companies operating in the sector, especially SNH.

The inaugural presentation was done by the director of norms at ANOR, Francis Noel Zibi Zibi, who dwelled on the norms defined for ANOR for the oil and has sector. According to the officer in charge of anti-corrosion at the Oilfield Marine and Industrial services, the main issue is that the norms are not known. He therefore called for the vulgarisation of the norms and insisted on the need for people to be specialised and master the norms related to their field of work or profession. The view was corroborated by the deputy general Manager of Equipetrol, Guy Thomas Epee, adding that there is no culture of norms in Cameroon. Participants at the seminar, include representatives of small and medium-size enterprises operating in the oil and gas sectors. The seminar was facilitated by experts from ANOR.


Source: Cameroon Tribune