Royal_Dutch_ShellShell Cansolv has signed an agreement with project management firm for energy industry Technip to provide and market an end-to-end solution for Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) projects globally

Shell Cansolv was formed after Shell acquired gas emissions treating specialists Cansolv Technologies in December 2008.

The deal enables both companies to offer a full chain of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for a post-combustion CO2 capture project to the power generation industry.

The collaboration will also see Shell Cansolv capitalise from Technip’s experience in the design, construction, and management of large EPC projects and its commercial global footprint, company sources said.

Philippe Gauthier, president of Shell Cansolv said, “We are delighted that Technip will be providing EPC services — our team of experts will together ensure we deliver the high standards and satisfactory returns our clients expect.”

Stan Knez, senior vice president, Process Technology, of Technip, added that Shell Cansolv’s CO2 capture technology would play an important role in helping them meet today’s energy challenges.

“With a strong track record of deploying technologies and providing full EPC solutions to our customers, Technip is pleased to join Shell Cansolv with helping clients reduce emissions and meet environmental regulations,” he added.


Information from Oil Review Africa was used in this report.