All Set for Maiden Marginal Fields B2B Workshop

oil rig at night

Conveners of the Marginal Oil Field B2B workshop slated for October 19th 2016 at the Civic Center, in Lagos says all is now set for the much anticipated event. The workshop aims to provide the needed resources for the successful acquisition and development of marginal oil fields by indigenous oil and gas companies in Nigeria. It will provide the go-to place for potential bidders to procure all tangible and intangible resources needed to acquire and develop a field. Conveners MNL and Businessday Energy West Africa have put together a strong team of experts with in-depth insights on the intricate matters implicated in farm-out and field development. Expected speakers at the event include Charles Pepple Director at Montego Upstream Services, Mr. Samson Enikanoselu Senior Associate at Detail Commercial Solicitors Nigeria’s top non-court room law firm, who will discuss the financing options for marginal oil fields and project bankability concerns.

Several leaders within the petroleum sector are also expected to give keynote speeches at the workshop including The Executive secretary of the Nigerian Content Development Monitoring Board who would shed more light on the Board’s initiatives for indigenous firms and the dynamics of the recently launched Nigerian Content Intervention – Fund (NCI-Fund) which will benefit service firms in the sector. Mr. Wabote will speak alongside his NCI-Funding counterpart, the MD of BOI Mr. Rasheed Olaoluwa.

Other speakers expected at the workshop include Mr. Bank-Anthony Okoroafor the Chairman of PETAN (Petroleum Technology Association of Nigeria) and MD of CB Geophysical Solutions Limited; who will discuss Contractor Financing. Organizers say the workshop will be half-day learning and half day networking, while it will be transformed – after the day – into a digital club that curates and broadcasts upstream and related business opportunities exclusively to its members though the “Upstream Deal Room” Platform.  The learning session of the workshop will provide balanced and robust presentations on the technical and financial risks of acquiring and developing marginal fields. Similarly Mr. Hakeem Adeniyi, the CEO of Hydrocarbon Advisors and former Senior Energy Vice President at FCMB will also discuss how to raise capital for marginal oil field development.

The organizers believe that with about 187 fields in Nigerian designated as marginal, all possible efforts are required to create institutional knowledge and demystify the development of small fields. By aggregating and mainstreaming learning for this niche upstream area; risks profiles can be properly delineated; best management practices documented and primary development hurdles systematically removed, while creating an ecosystem of stakeholders who will co-provide the diverse forms of resources needed to develop a marginal field.  For participation email [email protected] | 07061013333



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