La Senelec, the national electricity company of Senegal, has started a program to generalize smart meters. In this context, it intends to install 50,000 meters in Dakar, starting with Gorée, which will accommodate 400 of this equipment for the pilot phase of the project.

In Senegal, Senelec, the national electricity company aims to install 50,000 smart electricity meters in the capital Dakar by the end of the year “and several other millions throughout the national territory , ” said Pape Mademba Bitèye, the general manager of the company.

The island of Gorée located in the bay of the capital was chosen for the launch of the operation. It will thus receive 400 meters. According to Pape Mademba Bitèye, the choice of Gorée is justified, among other things, by the more limited geographical space of the island which will favor a faster installation.

The widespread use of smart meters is part of a vast program to modernize relations between Senelec and its customers. It started in 2014, but only certain customers such as large consumers had access to this type of meter. These meters allow the customer to recharge their consumption remotely and to save energy thanks to computer applications available on smartphones.


Source: Agence Ecofin