Senegal hopes to benefit from Mocoh’s experience in downstream sector

Mocoh, out of Switzerland, is looking to bring its experience in the downstream and petroleum import sectors to Senegal. Mocoh’s goal is to improve availability and quality of products in the country.

In an interview with AES Senegal, Almamy Fall, Country Manager Senegal, said the country had many key selling points. He said that while entering the Senegalese market was far from easy, especially in terms of procedures, it did have an upside that presents a lot less risk and more stability than other countries in the region. “Furthermore, the recent oil and gas discovery added to numerous infrastructure projects making it an exciting market,” he added.

Mocoh is also looking to become a strategic storage partner for Societe Africaine de Raffinage, of both crude oil and refined products. Mocoh’s goal is to provide petroleum products at a fair price to benefit the local population. Of course, such a mission cannot be undertaken from abroad, hence the creation of a branch there.

Source: Petroleum Africa



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