The National Hydrocarbons Company (SNH) reveals that the separatist crisis in the English-speaking areas (North-West and South-West) and the war against the Islamic sect Boko-Haram in the Far North are a source of ” enormous damage to the 2020-2024 Development Plan aimed at optimizing the oil and gas rent in Cameroon.

“  The security crisis in our country has negatively impacted the effort to place free blocks in the mining sector, due to the reluctance of investors. And there are two areas where research operations are suspended due to force majeure: Bakassi, in the Southwest, and Zina-Makary, in the Far North,  ”the company said in its newspaper. appear.

SNH does not quantify losses for Cameroon at this time. However, it indicates that these exploration activities were aimed at reaching discoveries that would allow the country’s reserves to be renewed on the one hand, and on the other hand, to continue to ensure optimal exploitation of the fields, most of which are aging.

Since 2016, separatists have been sowing death and desolation in the North-West and South-West of Cameroon. Due to insecurity, various destruction and the cessation of public investment projects, the security crisis has led to shortfalls of nearly CFAF 800 billion in turnover for companies, according to the Inter-employer group of Cameroon. As for the Far North, it has been plagued by the murderous atrocities of the Nigerian terrorist sect Boko Haram, since 2013.


Source: Agence Ecofin