The Distribution Companies of Nigeria (DisCos) have appealed to the Federal Government and other stakeholders in the sector to halt the ongoing blame game over the country’s poor power supply and explore unified approach to tackle the sector’s problems.

The Group Managing Director of Sahara Power Group, owners of Ikeja Electric, Kola Adeshina, made the call at an interview with Daily Trust. The Federal Government and investors in the power sector have been involved in scuffles over the poor power situation, with the government reconsidering the privatisation of the sector. Adeshina said: “All that we want is alignment, we want an integrated arrangement; we want a unified approach in solving this problem.

“We are deeply sorry to all our customers in Nigeria for the level of service that they have received; it is a journey, it is not a destination, but we are promising that we will most definitely, and we stand on our honour, we will make light available to all those that can pay and those who will pay.

“To the gas suppliers, we appeal to them to give us more gas, we the Generation Companies (GenCos) want to generate more power. To the government that pays us, please pay us our money on time; don’t owe us.

“To the regulator, don’t let us die before our time, our intention is to be in business forever, and it is to improve the system.” He further said his company was not faltering in the distribution business in terms of aggregate technical commercial and collection losses.

He added that, “We met it at 49.4 per cent, today we are at 24.1 per cent aggregate, technical and commercial losses. Such an aggressive loss reduction has never happened anywhere else before. The group has invested over $200m, minus the acquisition cost in Ikeja DisCo since 2013.

Speaking on government involvement, he said: “I actually want government involvement because government must consistently be the enabler and the facilitator.” Adeshina, therefore, called for the regulator to be independent, urging the government to give them a free hand to take decisions within the law.


Source: Daily Trust