S. East Development Corp. plans power plants, gas pipelines in S. East region

The South-East Regional Economic Development Corporation is set to develop power plants, gas pipelines and other projects in the region. SEREDEC also said it was working to build railways and healthcare facilities in the five states.

Aside from facilitating the development of infrastructure in the region, it said it was also sourcing for funds to develop the highlighted projects. The corporation’s Chairman, Bart Nnaji, told journalists in Abuja that SEREDEC was a private sector driven organisation that works in partnership with the state governments of the region.

He said, “The South-East Economic Development Corporation is a totally private sector driven organisation set up by the people of the South East to work on a variety of projects that are really more difficult for a state government to achieve. We are working hard to develop power projects, gas pipelines, rail lines and a few other facilities. So it is intended that this organisation supports the state governments in achieving such projects.”

Source: The Punch



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