Addressing delegates during the second day of SAWEA’s annual Windaba conference, the Department of Energy (DoE) acknowledged the Wind sector’s ability to attract substantial investment into the country; to significantly contribute to the country’s reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; and to drive down the cost of power through competitive pricing.

Minister Radebe confirmed the government’s commitment to providing investor certainty. “Based on increasing performance in the Wind and Solar Energy sectors, I continue to invite investors to consider South Africa as an investment destination with huge potential to grow in a politically stable environment.”

Together with partners, the Ministry of Energy has embarked on improving wind resource mapping in South Africa through its Wind Atlas. It had also constructed 18 wind masts across 9 provinces, which would help with management and planning of wind resource investment allocations.

The Minister made clear the interlinkages between the country’s economic emancipation and the provision of affordable energy to a broader population, whilst reducing carbon emissions through the diversification of the national energy portfolio. Radebe said it was critical to diversify the country’s energy portfolio because of South Africa’s record of “relatively high” greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions when measured per capita.

Source: ESI Africa