Russia launches world’s first floating nuclear power plant

Russia has launched the world’s first floating nuclear power plant, the 70-megawatt Academik Lomonosov, on the Baltic Sea.

Starting from St. Petersberg, it will be towed around Norway to a Russian town called Murmansk to take on nuclear fuel.

From there, it will head to the Arctic to power the 100,000-person city of Pevek, along with a desalination plant and oil rigs.

Construction on the ship began way back in 2007, and it reportedly cost $232 million to build.

The state-run company that owns it, Rosatom, originally planned to load the reactor with nuclear fuel at St. Petersberg, then send the ship directly to Pevek.

Greenpeace and several Baltic states mounted a successful petitionso the firmdecided to load and test it in Murmanskinstead. Greenpeace and otherenvironmental groups still don’t think this is a great idea especially since theship must be towed and can’t move on its own power.

Source: Ripples



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