CONTRACTORS implementing a rural electrification project phase III (round one) who will fail to finish their assignments by the end of this month, will have their contracts terminated.

Rural Energy Agency (REA), Acting Director General Amos Mganga said there would be no extension of contract time, instead they would have terminated their contracts by going against contractual terms and conditions.

“Contractors who will fail to complete the rural electrification project as per agreement should count themselves out and the task will be assigned to those who show commitment to complete the project on time,” said Mr Maganga.

He gave the warning during an evaluation meeting on the implementation of the rural electrification project phase III (round one) in Lindi and Mtwara regions.

His reaction was prompted by a request for two more months by Mtwara Region’s contractor-a joint venture of JV Radi Service LTD, Njarita Contractor LTD and Aguira Contractor Ltd companies.

“Time for project implementation remains intact. You must hand over the project as per agreement, failure of which we will assign another firm to do it. You must complete the job within the remaining 14 days,” he insisted.

He advised companies to increase the number of workforce so that they completed the assignment as per contractual terms and conditions and hand over the project to the government.

Requesting for time extension, Mtwara Contractor Ahmed Hemed said they were facing a challenge of the arrival of materials from outside the country, thus causing delays in the implementation of the project.

In another development, Mr Maganga commended the state grid contractor implementing a project in Lindi Region for completing the project by 92 percent as he had also connected power to 113 out of 133 villages under the contract and arrangements were underway for the remaining 20 villages.

Mr Mganga also inspected the implementation of street lights fitting, a project funded by REA and directed the Ruangwa District Council implementing it that it should be completed by July 16, this year.

He said the street light project aimed at exposing Ruangwa residents to economic opportunities since they would have ample time to run their businesses.


Source: Daily News