Rockhopper provides update on its Egyptian portfolio

AIM-listed Rockhopper Exploration, the oil and gas company with key interests in the North Falkland Basin and the Greater Mediterranean region, has provided an operational update in relation to its Egyptian portfolio, in which Rockhopper holds a 22 per cent working interest.

Al Jahraa-11

The Al Jahraa-11 in-fill well reached TD of 4,150m MD on 15 April 2019 in the Kharita formation. Mudlogs and petrophysics indicate the following oil net pay: ARC: 7.2m TVD; ARD: 4.0m TVD; ARG: 2.5m TVD; Bahariya: 15m TVD.

The well has been successfully tested across the ARC, ARG and Bahariya and has been completed with a dual string to produce from these three reservoirs. The well is currently producing approx. 787 bopd gross. In addition to the oil production from Al Jahraa-11, the operator, Kuwait Energy, is evaluating a gas commercialisation solution through bids for the construction of a sales gas pipeline from Al Jahraa to the gas plant at El Salmiya.

Al Jahraa-7

The Al Jahraa -7 in-fill well was spudded on 26 May 2019. As of 2 June 2019, the well is drilling ahead at 1,195m in 12 1/4″ hole. This well is planned to TD in the Kharita formation with its primary objective being an infill oil producer in the ARC reservoir and having a secondary objective in the Bahariya. The well is planned to take around 60 days to drill and complete.

The next well in the programme will be Al Jahraa Water Injector-1, followed by SW-ASH commitment exploration well.

Abu Sennan 6 development lease

As previously announced a development lease, which contains the ASX-1X discovery in the ARC formation, was awarded on 25 March 2019, and the well brought on stream shortly thereafter. The well is currently producing 150 bopd gross.

As of 2 June 2019, the total gross production from Abu Sennan was 5,135 boepd (1,130 boepd net to RKH).

Sam Moody, Chief Executive of Rockhopper, commented:

‘We are delighted to have drilled yet another highly successful well at Abu Sennan with multiple pay zones encountered across four reservoirs including the Bahariya and maintaining the momentum we enjoyed during 2018 where we were successful in three out of four wells.’


Source: Rockhopper Exploration



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