Rockhopper Exploration, the oil and gas company with key interests in the North Falkland Basin and the Greater Mediterranean region, has provided an operational and corporate update in relation to its Egyptian portfolio.

Current production from the Abu Sennan concession is approx. 3,800 barrels of oil per day (‘bopd’) gross (840 bopd net to Rockhopper’s 22% working interest), in line with H1 2018 rates.

Al Jahraa-6

The development well Al Jahraa 6 was successful not only in its primary objective as an Abu Roash-C infill oil producer but also encountered good oil shows in the Abu Roash-D, E, G and made a new oil discovery in the deeper Bahariya section. The Bahariya formation was put on test on 22 September 2018 and, after clean-up, is producing in excess of 550 bopd with a stable water cut of 22%. This represents the first commercial oil production from the Bahariya formation within the Abu Sennan concession. The well has been completed to allow potential future production from Abu Roash G and C levels. The Company believes that the Bahariya discovery de-risks additional exploration targets at the same level elsewhere in the concession.

Al Jahraa-10

The second Al Jahraa field development well (Al Jahraa-10) of this campaign reached total depth on 16 October 2018 in the Abu Roash-F Formation. Oil pay was calculated in the Abu Roash-C and Abu Roash-D levels. Operations are ongoing to test both levels and put the well into initial production on the most productive horizon.

Exploration update

The Abu Sennan exploration concession amendment agreement has been approved by the Egyptian Parliament under law number 88 of 2018 and was signed by the Minister of Petroleum on 10 September 2018. The first phase of the concession was triggered upon signing of the agreement and has a three-year duration with an expiry date of 9 September 2021.

Exploration well ASZ-1X located on Prospect S was spudded using the rig EDC-53 on 8 November 2018, and will be the first of two commitment wells to be drilled in the first phase of the new concession. The primary objective of well ASZ-1X is the Abu Roash-C reservoir sand that produces in the neighbouring Al Jahraa field. The deeper Abu Roash reservoirs present secondary targets. The well is due to take around 50 days to drill.

Egypt payment situation

Rockhopper continues to experience an improving payment situation in Egypt with a number of payments from Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (‘EGPC’) towards its outstanding receivables balance received in recent months.

As at end October 2018, Rockhopper’s EGPC receivable balance was approx. US$1.9 million (unaudited).

Sam Moody, Chief Executive of Rockhopper, commented:

‘We are delighted to have made real progress with this drilling programme in Egypt and particularly to have produced commercial volumes of oil from the Bahariya formation for the first time. With an improved payment situation as well, we are pleased with recent activities on our Egyptian acreage, and we look forward to the rest of the ongoing exploration programme.’

Source: Rockhopper Exploration