Renewable energy use low in Nigeria – Expert

The use of renewable energy is very low in Nigeria, compared to other countries in Africa, Renewable Energy Promoter, Larry Segun-Lean has said.

He noted that renewable energy was not available to compensate for the irregular supply of electricity in the country, adding that the energy source is just gaining recognition in the country.

He said: ‘’Once there is no electricity from the national grid, people leverage on generators to power their houses and factories.

In an interview with The Nation, in Lagos,  Segun-Lean said  Nigeria is largely dependent on hydrocarbons (fossil fuel) for growth, stressing that the use of renewable energy would continue to be low, until the Federal Government gives attention to renewable energy sources, including solar.

He advised the government to review the performance of the nation’s energy sector, with a view to finding solutions to the problems facing the country.

According to him, Nigeria is endowed with human and mineral resources, adding that with proper chaneling of skills and resources, energy problems would be solved in the country.

Hydrocarbons, Larry- Segun said,  has unstable future globally, adding that hydrocarbons causes environmental problems such as global warming.

This, he said, implies that Nigeria has to look  for means of deepening the use of renewable sub-sector, stressing that any attempt to do this, would bring about growth in the use of renewable energy in the country.

On poverty, he urged the government to address the issue, by putting in place policies that would cater for the welfare needs of the people.

‘’In this case, the role of government is to provide incentive for the private sector in order to improve the use of renewables and other energy sources in Nigeria.’’ he added.

He said renewable energy is another area, which the Federal Government can look at in its bid to diversify the economy and further bring about growth in the country.

He said if opportunities in renewable energy are well explored,   economic growth would be achieved.

One way of impacting on the economy, he said, is in the area of jobs creation, which in the long run, would lead to growth in the Gross Domestic Product(GDP).

He said there was hardly any part of the country that cannot contribute to the energy solution in Nigeria.

He said be it Biomass, wind and other energy sources, Nigeria can derive opportunities for growth.

“In a community where there is accumulation of sunshine for solar power, if people are educated about it, business people could sell solar panels and it be erected and the entire village would be electrified”, he said.

Renewable energy, he said,  can be derived from sun,  wastes and other sources, urging the government to explore them for growth.


Source: The Nation



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