According to reports, Renergen has been forced to abandon an inclined well targeting gas-bearing fracture systems in the Virginia Gas Project in the Free State of South Africa. The Virginia Gas Project covers 187,000 hectares of gas fields across Welkom, Virginia and Theunissen.

When drilling the inclined well, the base assembly was lost before breaking through the base of the Karoo sedimentary rock and the company decided it best to abandon the well. As a result, Renergen will secure a directional drilling rig and undertake a new drilling plan.

CEO Stefano Marani commented on the setback: “It is unfortunate that the drilling rod broke, but unfortunately accidents happen beyond anyone’s control. The silver lining is that it resulted in us gaining access to a fit-for-purpose directional drilling rig, which means we will be able to drill with far greater confidence and speed.

“Where we were drilling one before, now we have multiple targets being drilled concurrently, and in some highly prospective areas where indications of gas are strong, and no exploration drilling has been undertaken to date,” he added.


Source: Petroleum Africa