Reconnaissance Energy Africa (ReconAfrica) has completed a comprehensive subsurface evaluation delineating large scale, prospective conventional hydrocarbon bearing structures, throughout the entire Kavango Basin.

The primary objective of ReconAfrica‘s initial three well drilling program, scheduled for Q4 of 2020, is to confirm a thick, active, petroleum system throughout the deep Kavango basin. Specifically, the wells are designed to test organic rich shales and more shallow conventional structures throughout the sedimentary basin.

With support of a new extended, high density Aero-Mag survey and Halliburton’s advanced LithoTect® technology, and other new ancillary data, the Company’s technical team has generated a thorough understanding of how this deep Permian rift basin developed. Specifically, the Company has been able to identify the faulting system throughout the basin, responsible for developing potential conventional fault and stratigraphic hydrocarbon bearing structures. This work builds on the unconventional potential previously identified for Kavango Basin.

A full documentation of this recent work, including regional maps and more specific play maps, are now available on the Company’s website. See: ReconAfrica Investor Presentation – Newly discovered Kavango Basin, Namibia & Botswana July 2020

ReconAfrica is a junior oil and gas company engaged in the opening of the newly discovered deep Kavango Sedimentary Basin, in northeastern Namibia and northwestern Botswana where the Company holds petroleum licenses comprising approx. 8.75 million contiguous acres.


Source: ReconAfrica