A Tataouine in southern Tunisia, protesters demanding more jobs, stormed the ‘ one of the largest crude oil pumping stations in the region. On-site activities are suspended.

Protesters broke into the isolated El-Kamour production and pumping site in the desert south of the city of Tataouine on Thursday and shut down operations there. This action is the result of several days of demonstrations by people in the region who are calling on the authorities for more jobs and better access to social services.

More specifically, protesters are calling on the government to implement a 2017 agreement that provides for job creation in oil companies and infrastructure projects to reduce unemployment, which currently reaches 30%.

Local press reports that soldiers protecting the site could not do anything to stop the angry protesters who besieged the facility.

It is not the first time that such action has been carried out on an oil infrastructure. Three years ago, several facilities in the south of the country were closed by angry protesters. Hence the promise of Tunis to create jobs.

The south is considered the most marginalized area in the country, burdened by above-average unemployment, poor infrastructure and an underdeveloped private sector.


Source: Agence Ecofin