Worried by the rising cost of transportation in the country, which gulps about 40% of workers salaries, Powergas Nigeria and ETEFA have unveiled plans to bring succor to members of the motoring public, The Sun reports.

Speaking at the weekend, Chief Executive Director, ETEFA, Mr. Johann Rieger, and General Manager, Commercial, Powergas Global Investments Limited, Mr. Sumeet Singh, unveiled the Clean and Environmentally Sustainable Transportation initiative (CEST). CEST is a strategic alliance between Powergas, a pioneer in virtual gas pipeline supply and Austrian ETEFA. The CEST program is sponsored and supported by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and the Commercial Section of the Austrian Embassy in Nigeria.

And to transform the concept into service delivery, Rieger disclosed that the CEST program has initiated a pilot project for refurbishment and conversion of city buses and trucks in Lagos and the Niger Delta from diesel to gas over a period of 18 months. On the partnership, Rieger explained that Powergas will provide all the necessary infrastructure for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) supply while ETEFA will supply highly efficient gas engines and associated technology.