Nigeria’s power supply, on Tuesday, dropped by 14 per cent as the nation’s national grid experienced another systems collapse, Vanguard reports.

The supply dropped from 3,333MW recorded the previous day to 2,881MW, showing a decrease of 452 MW. In its report the advisory power team disclosed: “On June 27, 2017, average power sent out was 2,881MWh/hour (down by 452MWh/h). The reported gas constraint was 1927MW.”

“The reported line constraint was 684.3MW. The reported frequency management constraint due to loss of DisCo feeders was 890MW. The water management constraint was 0MW.”

“The power sector lost an estimated N1,574,000,000 on June 27, 2017, due to constraints. System collapse at 17:40Hrs, system frequency declined sharply from 50.28Hz to 47.00Hz following the collapse.”