The most vandalised public properties in Nigeria are power equipment and oil and gas installations, a report by NOIPolls Limited has shown.

The report indicated that there was a general level of apathy towards public property in Nigeria.

The poll conducted on the issue of public property vandalism in Nigeria revealed that about six in 10 Nigerians, representing 61 per cent, believed that Nigerians generally value public property poorly.

It stated that 74 per cent of respondents agreed that there was a high incidence of public property vandalism in Nigeria.

It suggested that the most vandalised public properties were electricity installations, 57 per cent; oil/gas facilities, 51 per cent; and public buildings, 32 per cent.

It said, “Furthermore, suggestions provided to tackle the issue of vandalism include the provision of employment (58 per cent); public enlightenment (15 per cent); and adequate security (13 per cent). These were the key findings from the Public Property Vandalism Poll conducted in the second week of November 2013.”

Vandalism of public property in Nigeria has impacted negatively on the Nigerian economy with several sectors suffering great setbacks.

In the oil sector alone, experts claim that Nigeria loses billions of dollars annually to the vandalism of petroleum products’ pipelines.

Estimates from a recent audit report by the Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative showed that Nigeria and the oil companies lost a total of N1.737tn ($10.992bn) in three years (from 2009 to 2011).

The cumulative losses due to pipeline vandalism and crude oil thefts were placed at N134.126bn ($894.179m). The report also confirmed that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation spent over $600m to fortify security of oil and gas facilities.

Similarly, the power sector has suffered from the vandalism of electricity facilities, which has continued to impact negatively on power distribution in the country.

Experts have warned that continued vandalism of power facilities across the country would jeopardise the efforts of the 10 new distribution companies at improving power supply in the country.

Recently, the Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo, stated that Nigeria was losing over 35 per cent of her power generation capacity to the activities of vandals.

A key finding of the poll indicated that 61 per cent of the respondents were of the opinion that government properties were valued poorly in Nigeria.

Another group of respondents (33 per cent) identified unemployment as the main cause of public property vandalism, while 22 per cent said it was caused by poverty.