After several weeks of low power supply in the country, power generation finally hit a daily peak of 4,553.90 megawatts, the highest since March 23 when the daily peak generation was put at 4,452 megawatts, according to Wednesday’s operational report by the Nigerian Electricity System Operator, an arm of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), ThisDay reports.

According to the report, a daily peak generation of 4,553.90MW was recorded on Tuesday, while the lowest generation was 3,573.4MW, representing a significant improvement since low water levels at the hydro power stations and liquidity challenges forced down generation in the past weeks. The operational report also showed that 3,775.20MW was wheeled into the national grid at exactly 06:00 hours Wednesday, also an improvement to average supply in recent weeks, which hovered around 3,400MW.

Investigation had revealed that after the March 23 peak generation of 4,452MW, the daily peak and lowest generation continued to drop with the transmission system recording near system collapse on April 9, 10 and 11 when the lowest daily generation dropped to 108.70MW, 240MW and 1,554.70MW, respectively. During these three days, the daily peak generation was 3,831.80MW, 3,669.90MW and 3,624.90MW, respectively, against the new peak of 4,553.90MW recorded on Tuesday.