Despite the near zero rupturing of gas pipelines by vandals in the past three months, particularly in the Niger Delta, the supply of gas for power generation has remained a challenge, The Punch reports.

This challenge was badly felt in the sector last week, as the total quantum of electricity generated by generation companies across the country crashed by 1,450.8MW within two days. After hitting a peak of 4,553.9megawatts on Tuesday, power generation plunged to 3,103.1MW on Thursday, according to industry figures.

The 3,103.1MW was a far cry from what the country requires to meet its current electricity demand, as the National Control Centre put Nigeria’s peak electricity demand at 19,100MW. Explaining the magnitude of the gas supply challenge and how it affected power generation last week, the NCC stated that on April 29, 30, May 1 and 2, the gas constraints recorded in the sector led to the inability to generate 2,636MW; 2,181MW; 2,250MW and 2,2907MW, respectively.