Pirates board offshore vessel en route to Egina

An offshore vessel was attacked and boarded by pirates on Tuesday while on its way to an FPSO offshore Nigeria. An EOS Risk Group analyst shared a social media post on Tuesday, according to which the pirates boarded the Saavedra Tide offshore support vessel while the vessel was on it way from the Abo field to the Egina FPSO. The vessel is owned by Tidewater. The incident allegedly happened at 6 p.m. local time, 22.5 nm WNW of Egina FPSO.

Jake Longworth, Senior Intelligence Analyst at EOS Risk Group who shared the news, said: “As a breaking incident, details remain sparse and it is currently unclear whether the pirates remain onboard. The likely modus operandi is kidnap for ransom, but with the crew reportedly locked within the citadel, the PAG may seek to attack other vessels in the vicinity until a successful kidnapping is achieved,” the EOS Risk Group analyst said.

He advised the vessels near Egina, Akpo, and Agbami fields should maintain heightened vigilance. Longworth said the vessel is believed to have been released by hijackers around 10 p.m. local time, with crew emerging from citadel later. The EOS Risk Group analyst said there were no reports of kidnapping and the pirate group’s status is currently unknown, but “they may still be at sea.”

Source: Offshore Energy Today



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