The PGS Nigeria MultiClient data library provides excellent 2D and 3D seismic coverage over recently announced blocks in the 2020 Marginal Fields Bid Round.

The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria, recently launched its 2020 licensing round. A total of fifty-seven marginal fields are on offer, including a number in shallow-water terrains.

PGS MultiClient Data Available for Evaluation of Blocks

The PGS Nigeria MegaSurvey complements offshore blocks of the 2020 Marginal Fields Bid Round, offering prospective block licensees the opportunity to integrate 3D seismic data with available horizon interpretation into block evaluations to gain an understanding of prospectivity in key areas offshore.

MegaSurveys are merged final-stack 2D and 3D datasets which enable evaluation of basins in a regional context, including visualization of different plays and hydrocarbon migration pathways on a large scale. They act as a mechanism for exploration analog-building and opportunity identification.

‘PGS is delighted to offer this superbly located 3D data to support the Nigerian Marginal Fields Round, and enable participating companies to gain a competitive advantage in their geological understanding’, says PGS New Ventures Manager, Joshua May.


Source: PGS