Ramform Sovereign has completed a large acquisition project offshore Angola using multisensor GeoStreamer technology. Operational and geological objectives were achieved successfully and safely, despite the Covid-19 restrictions.

The 2020 PGS Namibe Basin survey connects the 3D seismic coverage of southern Angola with PGS seismic data library coverage in Namibia, completing a large MultiClient footprint of high-quality broadband seismic data that spans the Namibe Basin.

Read more: PGS Data Library for Angola & Namibia

Prospectivity Revealed

Predicted reservoir presence and distribution maps indicate that this area contains a variety of leads and prospects. Full depth-imaging incorporating FWI velocity model building will improve knowledge of the subsurface petroleum system and reduce the risk for frontier exploration.

Find Out More

The fast-track data for Angola Namibe Basin will be available in late Q4 2020. Contact [email protected] to arrange an early data show or discuss PGS data library coverage for Angola licensing opportunities.

Ramform Sovereign (see above) delivers efficient, high-capacity, 3D seismic projects, employing multisensor, broadband GeoStreamer acquisition technology. During the Covid-19 pandemic, mitigating measures implemented offshore have ensured safety and business continuity.


Source: PGS